Colbar is committed to constant refinement of our garments. We manufacture customized garments “fit to purpose”, recognizing that excellence begins with the correct choice of fabric and styling and ends with a professional dedicated after sales service. The adoption of a corporate look has numerous advantages in the business arena: namely professionalism, security and a cohesive corporate identity.


Our team conduct intensive research into the goals and ethos of our potential clients to ensure that their corporate wardrobe has a maximum benefit to employees and a powerful impact in the market place. That’s why we listen, get to know you and strategise on the right solution that fits your brand, your market and the people who represent your company.


Step 1 – Brief

We need to fully understand your uniform requirements. Our initial consultation always begins at the most important place – your workplace. Understanding your work environment enables us to tailor a uniform package that reflects the day to day demands of your company. With a brainstorming session or two, we create a uniform that not only looks great, but is practical, durable and of great value.

Step 2 – Design

Working closely with your team, our designers create a unique look for your business. Design presentations may be generated by computer or in art board form accompanied by fabric swatches.
Once art board designs have been chosen and approved, we proceed with physical garment samples. We create a unique look for your company – enhancing your brand identity and instilling pride in your staff. We pay attention to the fabrics we use and find suitable composition for the job function required. We keep up to date with international developments and thus ensure our clients have the very latest and best quality fabrics available.

Step 3 – Testing

Before bulk production commences, all fabrics and garments are tested for durability and washability. We also suggest a “wearer” trial. Staff members can try on and wear some of the samples. There is no better feedback than from the guys who will actually wear the uniform on a day to day basis. 

Step 4 – Implementation

Once final samples have been signed off, we will commence with bulk production of fabric and garments. Your account will be handled by a dedicated account manager. The account manager will be able to help you with a forecast of initial uniform requirements. In addition, they will build up a historical demand profile and generate a production requirement report. You will receive monthly reports of sales history, current stock on hand and production feedback.

Step 5 – Planning Ahead

Your dedicated account manager will handle all your queries and ensure that service levels are maintained throughout the course of the contract. Maintaining stock levels is key to success and working closely with your account manager will ensure that these levels are maintained.

We will anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations!

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